Menlyn Towers is strategically located adjacent to the N1 Highway with easy access via Garsfontein Drive off-ramp. This location ensures that the building is easily identifiable in the greater Menlyn area and the building design will ensure exceptional visibility and exposure to the 142 000 vehicles utilizing the N1 Highway daily.

Focus on the design has been given to ensure an intelligent building in terms of a central building management system that will ensure an effective use of the building while creating an ergonomically comfortable working environment for tenants.

The developer has encouraged strong architectural elements to create a unique character with focal points toward the N1 Highway as well as along Garsfontein Drive. These elements will serve as a platform for visual graphics available to tenants for branding purposes within the rapidly expanding Menlyn node.

The architectural elements assist in the overall design to achieve greater shading and reducing glare to other buildings as well as users in the direct vicinity.


Tenant expectations will be exceeded within the overall building envelope and beyond. Particular care has been given to encourage users to utilize the interior as well as exterior of the building. Focal points throughout the design draw users throughout the site, which will attract the environmentally and socially conscious tenant.



Indigenous landscaping will focus on the screening of the lower ground and basement levels. This will soften the building as well as create a seamless interaction between the building site and the Wolwespruit parkland adjacent to the building. 

Specific focus will be given to the ground floor entrance landscaping to soften the building envelope as well as creating an inviting experience to both tenants, staff and visitors.








A cafeteria placed on the Upper Ground Floor of the building will ensure staff have a view towards the north, while enjoying a relaxing breakfast or lunch. An intimate auditorium will be incorporated above the cafeteria.

This interaction between cafeteria and auditorium will make larger discussions or group receptions easy to handle. This arrangement will increase productivity. The Gautrain bus route stops within walking distance of Menlyn Towers thus making easy of access and comfort a further reason to utilise Menlyn Towers.







As an ancillary service a small gym will be added.

Here one could join small groups in gym activities, regain strength on the treadmill or unwind in the steam rooms after or during a productive day at the office.







The Medwell Health Centre will be staffed by a professional nursing service to enhance and complement the health and safety as well as the social responsibility visions of the tenants.

This wellness centre is a well-established concept and has a proven record of reducing personnel absenteeism, providing guidance in primary health care and assistance in emergency medical situations on-site.




please contact us via the details below.

tel: 083 461 1155
email: pierre@menlyntowers.co.za

tel: 082 823 8029
email: albert@menlyntowers.co.za